Nelson English Centre offers a wide range of courses to suit all levels and requirements. 

Courses Overview 

We offer a variety of courses across 5 levels all year round including:

  • Full time and part time general English
  • Cambridge FCE and CAE examination preparation
  • Counselling and preparation for other international English examinations such as IELTS

General English

Full time morning and afternoon classes (23 hours per week) and part time morning classes (15 hours per week) are available starting on ANY MONDAY of the year at any level. 

Morning classes focus on grammar and new language from the course book allowing students to improve the four language skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening. Afternoon classes study one everyday life topic each week allowing students to speak and listen in English in a natural, communicative way.


Cambridge Examination Classes

Nelson English Centre provides specialised 12 week Cambridge examination preparation courses for both the FCE (First Certificate in English) and CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) exams. In New Zealand it is possible to sit the examination in only three cities – Auckland, Christchurch and NELSON. Walk only 500 metres from school to the examination centre instead of having to travel elsewhere to sit the exam.

Students are given a course book which they use throughout the course. Morning classes focus on reading writing and use of English tasks. Afternoon classes focus on speaking, listening and use of English tasks. Our specialised Cambridge curriculum means Nelson English Centre gains the highest number of exam passes of any provincial school in New Zealand.

Cambridge courses run 3 times per year. To find the dates for this year please download the PDF on our prices page


We offer four week modules which cover the four skills areas; reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students learn all parts of the IELTS test and get chances to practice using different strategies to complete test questions and tasks successfully.