Holiday Application Form

The maximum time that you can take a holiday from school is 4 weeks

You must please:
- Submit this form 1 week before you take a holiday and it will be approved by the Director of Studies, Frontdesk, and Homestay (If Applicable).

- Take holidays for 5 school days or more approved by the Director of Studies.

You can not:
- Get a refund (money back) if you use a holiday for part of your tuition (study weeks) and then do not use the number of tuition weeks from your original booking.

-Transfer your study weeks to another student.

- Use tuition weeks that you have changed to holiday weeks to upgrade your original booking (part-time to full-time).

Name *
Holiday from School
School Holiday?
Holiday from Homestay
If you do not have a Homestay family, you may scroll down and click Submit now
Homestay Holiday Information
A holiday from homestay must be 5 consecutive nights or more and is at the discretion of the homestay co-ordinator
Homestay Holiday?
Declaration *
I have read the Holiday Application information (listed above) and agree to these conditions.

Homestay Agreement
Homestay Students: Please ask your homestay family to complete this part of the Form.
I am aware that this student is taking a holiday for period shown above and can agree to retain their place here in return for a retention fee ($50/week $7/Night), providing the student has given me 1 week's notice.