Cambridge Suitability Assessment

Welcome! Great to hear you are interested in doing one of our cambridge courses, we've designed a little test for you to take to determine whether your level of English is suitable for completing the course. Don't worry if you don't know all the answers, it will just mean that there is still something for you to learn. :)

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Grammar Assessment

For questions 1-45 read the sentences and then choose from the list a-d the best word or phrase to fill the gap.

Sounds Assessment

In questions 46-50 three words contain the same sound but one does not.

Vocabulary Assessment

For questions 51-55 choose the phrase that best explains the meaning of the sentence.

Expressions Assessment

For questions 56-60, choose the phrase that you think best fills the gap.

Writing Assessment

Complete the following task. Your answer should be about 200 words.
You do not need to include postal addresses.