IELTS Suitability Assessment

Welcome! Great to hear you are interested in doing our IELTS course. We've designed a test for you to determine whether your level of English is suitable for entering the course.

Test instructions:
- You have 1 hour to complete the test.
- The test consists of...
2 reading texts and 1 writing task.
- Please complete the reading and writing tasks before you submit the test.

Name *
Reading 1
Read the two articles and match the headings at the top with a paragraph in the text. The first one is done for you.
(Text from Roberts,R., Gakonga, J, & Preshous, A. (2004) IELTS Foundation. Oxford: Macmillan. p. 97) IELTS1
Genetically Modified Animals, Heading A
Genetically Modified Animals, Heading B
Genetically Modified Animals, Heading C
Genetically Modified Animals, Heading D
Human Cloning, Heading A
Human Cloning, Heading B
Human Cloning, Heading C
Human Cloning, Heading D
Human Cloning, Heading E
Reading 2
Read paragraph 2, starting with"People can be divided..." and answer the following questions.
Write no more than THREE words for each answer. (Please note, the rest of the text is further down the page...)
(Text from McCarter, S. & Ash, J. (2003). IELTS Testbuilder. Oxford: Macmillan. pp 16-17.) IELTS2
How many types does the writer say people can be divided into?
Who shares things with others?
Who doesn’t share?
Which type of person is better at networking?
What does the word "strong" mean in the text?
Reading 2 continued...
Read paragraph 5 and 6 starting from "The same applies in..." and answer the following questions.
Write no more than THREE words for each answer.
Which type of individual does not easily become a networker?
Where is one of the highest concentrations of high tech companies in Europe?
Who replaced the Neanderthals?
What 3 characteristics set humans apart from other animals?
Write a letter to a friend in your country. Tell your friend: - when you came to Nelson - where you are and what you are doing here - where you live and who you live with - about your daily/weekly routine - what you have done recently - about your future plans You should write about 200 words.