Nelson English Centre Orientation Assessment

Welcome to our school! we've designed a little test for you to take to determine which class you will go in to. Don't worry if you don't know all the answers, it will just mean that there is still something for you to learn. :)

Please make sure your spelling is correct. You may use english autocorrect or an english dictionary if you wish to ensure this.
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Grammar Assessment

20 Minutes to complete
Select the correct expression for each question
Example:           do you usually wake up? “6 a.m.” = "What time"
Example: How           rice is left in the bag? = "Much"
Example: Last year I           to Brazil for a holiday. = "went"
Fill in two words to complete the following questions
Example: Q: How ________? A: I’m fine, thanks. = are you
Answer: I'm 19.
Answer: Taiwan.
Answer: Yes, a part-time one at McDonald's.
Answer: David.
Answer: He's a teacher.
Select the correct verb form
Make a second sentence so that it has a very similar meaning. For 36-40 use the words in brackets ( ).
Example: I had my old coat on. (wearing) = I was wearing my old coat.
Write three words (including the word in brackets) to finish the sentence.
Example: The door was too narrow. (..not..) The door was                            . = not wide enough
The children                             that they were asked to leave the party.
Students                             gum in lessons.
Jessica said that                             the roof.
                            too much.
When we arrived, the bank clerk                             by a policeman.
Type the correct form of the verb in brackets.
Example: She invited me           for a walk. (go) = to go

Writing Assessment

10 Minutes to Complete